Arlin Systems have produced a lot of unique products for clients covering a wide range of industries. A small selection of items are shown here to give a flavour of our flexiblity.
If you think we can be of service why not contact us, we don’t bite, on a weekday anyway.

Counter top point of sale unit

This is an example of a point of sale unit manufactured in large quantities for display in Supermarkets across the UK. The electronics were designed, and the pcb’s assembled and tested in house before being despatched. This total control means you have only one supplier to deal with.



BA Timer for the Fire Services

The innovative use of a single 4 digit LED display, 4 totally separate elapsed timers, and no buttons or switches made this Primary Entry board for the Fire Service easy to use. All designed by us to optimize simple resources.



Another point of sale retail unit

Another point of sale display. This time the requirement was to simulate flickering fire with leds. We are uniquely placed to develop any ideas which need a fast turn around. This one took 5 weeks from concept to delivery of 1000 finished units to the client.